SCOTUS Failed to Block Texas 6-Week Ban

Here’s how we see things. Today, the Supreme Court failed to block the Texas 6-week ban. Again. While lawsuits challenging the 6-week ban will continue, it would be naive to see today as a victory for abortion rights. Texans continue to be denied their constitutional right to abortion. And they’re starting to come to Nevada. We saw a woman from Texas just last week.

Our names are Carla and Maureen, and we are co-founders of Wild West Access Fund. We’re 22 and 25, respectively, and we should be spending this part of our lives applying to grad schools, going out with friends, etc. But instead we’ve poured our lives into Wild West Access Fund, as we know what is coming with a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. And we want to tell our kids one day, that when abortion rights were on the line, we did everything we could to step up and fight like hell. 

We made something out of nothing in a state that lacked an abortion fund, recruited an incredible Board of Directors, and helped over 150 callers and counting since June of 2021. We’ve poured full-time job hours into this, but we don’t mind. It’s our love letter to both Nevada and the world. Our way of fighting like hell. 

And we hope you’ll fight with us. Channel your rage into a $20 dollar donation today. Fill out our volunteer form. Talk to those around you about abortion. Help break down the stigma. 

We’re funding $1,200 in abortion care each week, a number that is unprecedented for a new abortion fund. Because of your help, we have enough support to last us until May of 2022. 

But the best way to make an impact and ensure Wild West Access Fund becomes a sustainable resource to Nevadans, and those travelling to Nevada for care, is to become a monthly donor. If just 50 people became a monthly donor today, our fund could be financially supported through 2022. For the price of one lunch, $15, you can make all the difference for our callers. 

In solidarity and with all our (abortion access) love,

Carla and Maureen 

Co-founders, Wild West Access Fund of Nevada