Press Release: U.S. Supreme Court Turns Back the Clock on Abortion Rights

For Immediate Release

May 2, 2022


U.S. Supreme Court Turns Back the Clock on Abortion Rights

Thanks to state laws, abortion remains safe and legal in Nevada and makes the state a safe haven for people seeking care

NEVADA – In a draft opinion leaked to Politico, Justice Alito writes that, “we hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled” and that abortion regulations should be left to the states. Yet, until an official ruling, abortion remains a right across this nation. Abortion will remain a right in Nevada regardless of this summer’s ultimate outcome. 

Statement from Macy Haverda, President, Wild West Access Fund of Nevada:

“The Supreme Court has, yet again, reminded us that it was never designed to protect the most vulnerable. Leaving this decision to the states has proven time and time again that many states are moored in racism, misogyny, and classism. Thankfully, Nevada has solidified the right to abortions, and we at the Wild West Access Fund are prepared to help as many of our friends and neighbors as we possibly can. Our society has utterly failed its people, but we believe a rising tide lifts all ships. We will continue to do our part to support people seeking essential healthcare services.”


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Wild West Access Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to remove financial barriers to abortion care. We started Wild West Access Fund of Nevada because we believe everyone should have the final say in their own reproductive decisions, and because we believe in community power.